A Simple Definition of National Security

There isn’t really a simple definition of national security, because keeping a nation the size of the U.S. secure is a complex task.

At the basic level, national security means making sure the citizens and residents of a country are safe from threats, both foreign and domestic. However, it takes a lot of work to make sure that happens.

National security starts with national defense, and no country in the world spends as much as the U.S. Our armed forces are there to defend the country against attack from Read the rest of this entry »

How Can the Average Citizen Contribute to National Security?

Many people may feel like national security is an issue that is larger than the individual citizen and is out of their hands. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Government agencies and law enforcement cannot be present in all places at all times. For this reason, they rely on everyday citizens to be their eyes and ears.

Citizens may help preserve national security by reporting suspicious activity. Many people are discouraged from contacting law enforcement due to fear, or Read the rest of this entry »

Which Government Agencies Protect National Security?

The United States federal government has designated several agencies to protect the nation’s security.

Central Intelligence Agency

The CIA gives the president and other senior elected and appointed policymakers intelligence information about possible threats to the nation’s security. This agency gathers intelligence from throughout the world, analyzes that information and assesses it for possible threats.

National Security Agency

The NSA is tasked with preventing enemies from accessing classified or sensitive national security information. The agency also collects intelligence from foreign sources. It Read the rest of this entry »

What Were the Biggest National Security Lapses in American History?

The United States has had a number of national security lapses. As one of the largest countries in the world, America has made some enemies, and when enemies arise, national security can be difficult. Depending upon how far back one looks, you might be able to find a large number of potential lapses. Pearl Harbor is among the worst in American history, as the country was completely unprepared for the attack from the Japanese. The attack on Pearl Harbor nearly ran the United States off of the rails, and this was one of the few times when Read the rest of this entry »

How Do Neighboring Countries Factor into the Ability to Ensure National Security?

At times when a country’s security has been compromised or seems to be lacking in an area, citizens may feel as if they are alone. Countries can help one another remain secure by working together.

Most countries in the world share a border. Typically, a country cannot exercise control over activities that take place across its borders in neighboring countries. For this reason, countries must cooperate to ensure that terrorist organizations, smugglers, and other parties who may attempt to Read the rest of this entry »

Why Is National Security So Important to the Safety of a Nation

With terrorism attacks and the potential of nations attacking other nations dominating news headlines, national security has become a paramount concern for many Americans. Though protecting the country from outside attacks was once far from the forefront of most citizens’ minds, the country’s safety and security has become an increasingly common topic around water coolers, in classrooms and around dinner tables across the country.

A country’s ability to prevent and thwart potential attacks is an important factor in its citizens’ sense of safety and security. When people are less confident about national security, Local ADT, they are less inclined to travel for leisure. Those who work in or near landmarks and public buildings are more likely to experience anxiety. Furthermore, the issue translates to how people view their elected officials and other politicians. A lessened sense of national security generally leads to uneasiness and concern for what can be done to secure the national and lessen the likelihood of being attacked.

It is important for people to know that while they cannot control the actions of others, they can take steps to lessen their own anxiety. Remaining informed about current affairs, having an emergency plan, and simply attempting to not worry can help when times feel as if they are increasingly uncertain.